Hello, I'm Wiz Lee!

Information Security Conscious 🔑

My passion for digital technology continually drives me to advance my skill set as a software engineer. I strongly believe that a good understanding will result in a much better application of knowledge. That believe is the motivation behind pursuing my degree in Electronics Engineering despite my goal of becoming a software engineer.
This portfolio site serves 4 purposes:
  • As a web storage of my Résumé.
  • As a means to practise my web development skills.
  • To showcase and document my projects.
  • To automatically share my latest career related writings from dev.to using API calls.
Profile Picture
Angular Marketplace
An Etsy Clone Angular Marketplace responsive website demonstrating CometChat integration
Angular Marketplace Demo
Vanilla JS Portfolio Site
'Version 1' of my portfolio site now meant for showcasing my learning in using Vanilla JS, HTML & CSS to build a website.
Documentation of Portfolio Site
Documentation to record the journey and learnings throughout the creation of this portfolio website.
Portfolio Journey Dev.To